DMG Capital Management


DMG Capital Management Process
DMG Capital Management Process

DMG Capital Management is a business growth consulting firm that specializes in developing growth strategies for small and mid size companies and then coaching business owners and senior management through the profitable growth phase of their company. We work with a limited number of clients and align our objectives with management by accepting equity in exchange for reduced fees. This means we are fully invested in making sure our clients grow their business profitably. We also offer our services to investment banks and venture capital firms interested in accelerating the growth of their investments.

We act as a personal business growth consultant and coach for senior executives in small and mid size firms looking to grow or manage rapid growth. Additionally, we offer a wide range of private executive consulting and advisory services including merger & acquisition strategies, business plan & annual operating plan development and tactical business development services like customer relationship auditing and customer account planning.

Our senior team has three characteristics that are critical to your success: imagination, enthusiasm and real-world experience.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, DMG Capital Management was founded in 1988. With a global reach, we serve clients in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

Our Mission: Profitable Growth

We are in business for only one reason. To help companies grow. Our job is to apply our collective expertise in management, operations, sales and marketing to move your company’s meter . . . profitably and competitively.

Planning Growth Strategies That Win

Once growth opportunities are identified, the key is developing a comprehensive strategy to exploit them. This involves reviewing the key functional areas of your business, from manufacturing to people to technology to marketing. It often also means reviewing your capital structure and identifying new capital sources to fuel the growth. DMG Capital Management’s “Strategy Development” team works closely with your executives to develop the strategy and the implementation plan for launching the growth opportunity.

Guiding the Implementation of Growth

We are coaches that help you to maintain perspective while you are on the playing field. Measuring results, reviewing them against targeted objectives and helping to course correct, DMG’s “Implementation Review” practice is there to help. Because growth usually implies changing the way one does business, the DMG implementation team can also recommend experienced outside resources that can help with specific tactical assignments.