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Executive Book of Quotes

by David M. Goldstein

Executive Book of Quotes

Author: David M. Goldstein
Bamford Press
Year Published:
112 pages

Executive Book of Quotes is written and compiled by David M Goldstein, the Chairman and CEO of Dallas, Texas based DMG Capital Management. It is a book of notable quotations from dozens of scholars, leaders and other well respected great people of all time. It was complied to help guide the modern business professional to think and lead their organization with a clearer perspective. It is a valuable tool for any business person interested in growing and sustaining a profitable company.

From the introduction:

Business ownership offers a unique classroom to learn the lessons of independence, commerce, and life. If you survive, you will quickly learn some of the skills necessary for you to succeed. These skills include learning about managing people, understanding client needs, inventory control, profit margins, work schedules, and legal agreements.

Some lessons just can’t be learned in a traditional classroom environment; they have to be learned in real life. Such lessons include learning that some clients just don’t pay their bills unless you hound them for months; bad checks cost you twice; shoplifting occurs even when you know all your customers by name; and the boss is the last person to schedule a vacation and the person who responds to the phone call from police at 3 a.m. for a burglar alarm. Like tens of thousands of other business owners in America, I learned these lessons in a “real world classroom” surrounded and supported by my family and friends.

About the Author: David M Goldstein, is a pilot, scuba diver, voracious reader and avid early-adopter of sophisticated technology. David has started and still owns several very profitable small businesses. Today, he focuses his time on being a successful business growth consultant helping other business owners grow their companies. He serves as Chairman and CEO of DMG Capital Management, Inc, a business growth consulting organization that specializes in coaching business owners and senior management through the profitable growth phase of their business. DMG Capital Management currently consults and advises a select number of growth oriented privately owned companies. He also serves on several corporate boards.

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